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Parker Tube Float

THE PARKER TUBE FLOAT - The BIGGEST Party on the Parker Strip!


SAVE THE DATE!!! The 44th Parker Tube Float will be held on Saturday, June 11, 2022 from 8 A.M to 12 P.M. with the float ending at 4 P.M. (NO-WAKE ZONE EXPIRES) Start Parker Tube Float at La Paz County Park for registration and BLASIAN LIMOUSINE & TRANSPORTATION will take you to Buckskin Mountain State Park  to inflate your floats and get ready to launch. On-line registration begins in MARCH OF 2022. $25.00 per person pre-registration.  $40.00 PER PERSON DAY OF THE EVENT. An additional fee is required if you will be using a MOTORIZED WATER CRAFT TO ASSIST YOUR LARGE FLOAT GROUP.



Register for the Parker Annual Tube Float and get important information that you need to know to make your Parker Tube Float an experience to remember, by clicking "Register Now" and "Float Rules" at the links above.

Masks will be required to wear during the bus ride to Buckskin State Park.


Additional optional items to purchase:

Want to save some time, get on the water faster, stay connected to your group without the added stress of having to tie everyone together and enhance your entire Parker Tube Float Experience? Would you like to own what is quickly becoming an Iconic, Must-Have Parker Strip Accessory? We are partnering with Fluzzle Tube this year to provide you with an expedited start for this years Float by providing you and your group with Pre-Inflated Fluzzle Tubes and accessories all ready to go by the time you get to Buckskin Mountain State Park. To view their full catalog of tubes & accessories to make your float experience even easier, click the link below and get to know Fluzzle Tube today!!!

Aqua Case is a floating 100% waterproof pouch for the cell phone.  No fear protection for your cell phone while enjoying your favorite water activities. Capture those memorable moments by taking worry free photos and video while enjoying your Parker Tube Float. The Aqua Case floats just like your tube !!!  Use coupon code AQUA20 for a 20% discount. They will also be on hand at registration for purchase before you float.  To learn more about Aqua Case, visit

Would you like to help us out?  We are looking for volunteers for this year's Parker Tube Float.  There are many different ways you can help with the Parker Tube Float, assist boats, trash clean-up, registration, float coaching, etc.  There will be a volunteer appreciation dinner scheduled after the Parker Float.

We are always looking for sponsors for this event.  Please click the button above for sponsorship options.

Thank you to the Parker community for their support and volunteerism.  The Parker Tube Float would not be possible without the communities' efforts and support.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Parker Tube float
Parker Tube Float
Parker Tube Float
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